Full-size pneumatic models of weapons and military equipment are designed to simulate real objects when creating false combat positions and areas of location of units. The technology of development of pneumatic designs used by the RUSBAL enterprise allows to create frameless models of any types of arms and military equipment, reproducing their unmasking signs in optical, thermal and radar ranges.

Models "RUSBAL" have significantly less weight, retain their simulation properties and performance in case of shell breaks, bullet or shrapnel damage, provide a short time of deployment and folding without the use of additional equipment. Suitable for repeated use in various weather and climatic conditions.

All layouts can be moved manually by calculation forces within a false position.



Snake balloon-video recorder

Snake balloon-video recorder

Weatherproof, remote controlled, gyrosco...


Altitude record 10 590 м

Altitude record 10 590 м

On may 30 2019 two records were set:


Moscow businessman. How to inflate a rocket launcher and the enemy at the same time

Moscow businessman

When you walk along the alley of the Mos...