ZAO NPP «RUSBAL» we offer You the services in development and production of pnevmokarkasny constructions (inflatable buildings) which can be used for:

  • residential and administrative premises;
  • warehouses and storage facilities;
  • temporary production and technological facilities;
  • service stations of equipment, shops, workshops, garages, hangars, etc.

The main advantages of pneumatic structures are:

  • mobility, compactness, light weight;
  • low price;
  • quick installation and disassembly, multiple use, durability;
  • no need to erect the Foundation and the use of technology during installation;
  • seismic resistance, light transmittance and radio transparency.

NCE "RUSBAL" has a design and production potential and unique technologies that allows you to develop and produce a wide range of standard and exclusive (at the request of the customer) pneumatic products for various purposes.

For 26 years, our company conducts research and development work and supplies products for the State defense order.

The quality of products is ensured by qualified personnel, modern computers and production equipment, the existing quality control system certified according to the international standard ISO 9001. For all products NCE "RUSBAL" has the necessary registration and permits (licenses, certificates, etc.).



Snake balloon-video recorder

Snake balloon-video recorder

Weatherproof, remote controlled, gyrosco...


Altitude record 10 590 м

Altitude record 10 590 м

On may 30 2019 two records were set:


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